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Born San Francisco, California

B.A. San Francisco State University

M.F.A. California College of Art

Lives and works in San Francisco



2003  Here and There, 364 Hayes Street Gallery, San Francisco

2001  It Will Have Its Way, Lair of the Minotaur, San Francisco

2001  This is the Place, Southern Exposure, San Francisco

2000  It Happened One Night, California College of Art, San Francisco



2017  Instruction Project, Exploratorium, San Francisco

2016  Connect & Collect: 36th Annual Art Exhibition and Auction, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

2005  Evidence is Everywhere, California College of Art, San Francisco

2003  Film Show, San Diego Center for Jewish Culture

2002  Film Show, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery; Reed College, Portland, Oregon

2001  Emerge 2001, GenArtSF at San Francisco Art Institute

2001  Photoautotroph, Artists’ Television Access Gallery, San Francisco

2001  MFA Graduate Exhibition, California College of Art, San Francisco



2019  Lunar Musings (Curator), Exploratorium, San Francisco

2019  Dangerball (audio/visual performance with Wayne Grim), Exploratorium, San Francisco

2018  Rick's Picks (audio/visual performance), Exploratorium, San Francisco

2012  Prints, Poetry, Foley, (audio/visual performance), Exploratorium, San Francisco

2012  Simon Says, Crow’s Nest, San Francisco

2010  Top Gun: A Man Alone, Oakland Underground Film Festival, Oakland, California

2004  Pinhole–Dolores Street and 153 Simultaneous Exposures of Me, San Francisco Cinematheque

2002  Goldeneye Trailer: To the Right and Down, New Nothing Cinema, San Francisco

2002  L’astronaute (live musical accompaniment), Foreign Cinema, San Francisco

2001  153 Simultaneous Exposures of Me, Fine Arts Cinema, Berkeley, California

2000  Libby, Fine Arts Cinema, Berkeley, California

1999  L’astronaute, Other Cinema, San Francisco

1998  Bring Your Own Sound (Curator), Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco

1997  Guilty, Terrazzo Works Gallery, San Francisco

1997  China Basin, San Francisco Cinematheque

1997  Results From Test Case 79014F, San Francisco Cinematheque; Chicago Underground Film Festival;

          Artists' Television Access, San Francisco



2018  Webby Award Winner: Events & Live Streams, Exploratorium/NASA, Total Solar Eclipse

2018  Lovie Award Winner: Internet Video, Events & Live Broadcasts, Exploratorium, Total Solar Eclipse

2001  Dennis Leon Memorial Scholarship

2000  Jack and Gertrude Murphy Fine Arts Fellowship



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