Demo Reel

Five of my works, from documentary to music video. A full selection can be found under "Video" at top

Aperture Lucida by Tristan Duke

Rick Danielson: producer, camera, editor

Liz Spencer: audio recording


Catching Up with Parker Solar Probe

Rick Danielson: producer, editor

Liz Spencer: camera

Wayne Grim: audio recording, music


August 21, 2017

Rick Danielson: director, editor

Wayne Grim: composer, music

Kronos Quartet: music

Rob Semper: producer

Robyn Higdon: producer

Audio and Video from live webcast of Total Solar Eclipse, 2017

Tosa Novmichi of Maywa Denki

Rick Danielson: producer, camera, editor


The Landscape Changes Three Times (III)

Rick Danielson: animation, editor

Wayne Grim: music